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Understand And Improve Male Fertility, From The Comfort Of Home.

Nearly half of all fertility challenges are attributed to men. Yet, the journey to understanding male fertility is often paved with discomfort — from uneasy conversations to multiple visits to the GP, all culminating in the awkwardness of a sample collection in a dimly lit room with an audience in waiting. At Sapyen, we're here to rewrite that narrative.

Introducing a simpler, quicker, and more economical approach to male fertility — all without compromising on the precision of results. Our Sapyen Analysis Kit isn't just about testing; it's about empowering you to gauge and enhance your fertility, all within the familiar walls of your home.

There's a new way to navigate male fertility: one that sidesteps the unease of clinical environments, the tedious waits, and the hassle of fitting into fixed appointments. Partnering with some of the finest minds in medicine, our At-Home Male Fertility Diagnostic Kit is your passport to a comprehensive fertility review. Embrace a future where you take control — understanding, managing, and advancing your fertility journey, discreetly and assuredly, from the sanctuary of your home.

✓ Unwavering Accuracy From Home

✓ Expert-Backed Diagnostic Insights

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Better And More Comprehensive Than A Test In The Lab. Take A Look Inside Our Test Kit.


At Home Sample Collection Kit

Our kit is not just any test kit. We utilise a proprietary transportation medium that extends the viability of your sperm sample from the typical 1 hour to a substantial 3 days, ensuring the integrity of your sample during its journey.


NATA-Accredited Testing Labs

We're committed to providing the highest level of accuracy. Your sample is analysed in our NATA-accredited labs, ensuring industry-leading precision. These facilities are typically reserved exclusively for IVF specialists.


Comprehensive 16-Page Results

Say goodbye to the obscurity of medical jargon. Our comprehensive 16-page results report eliminates the confusion, replacing vague numbers and abbreviations with clear, personalised recommendations.


148 data-point lifestyle analysis

Beyond just a sperm analysis, we delve deep into a 148-point lifestyle assessment. This holistic and scientific approach offers insights into various factors impacting male fertility, empowering you to take informed actions.


Actionable Steps To Improve Your Fertility

Upon analysing your results, we align them with your lifestyle to recommend tailored & actionable insights, including follow-on testing, consultations, medications, and lifestyle adjustments aimed at improving your fertility outcomes.


Discreet Packaging, Shipping, and Return

We prioritise discretion and convenience at every step. From ordering to returning your sample, our process is seamless. Your kit arrives in discreet packaging, and we manage all shipping, return postage, and handling details for you.


Keep Your Privacy Protected

At Sapyen, your trust is paramount. We adhere to the strictest privacy standards, ensuring your personal data remains confidential. With us, your private details aren’t just protected – they're revered.

Why Thousands Of Men Are Using Sapyen To Take Control Of Their Fertility…


Lab-Quality Accuracy

The Sapyen test is not just another home kit. It offers you a comprehensive and precise analysis that rivals top-tier laboratory tests. Our NATA-accredited labs are overseen by qualified medical professionals and fertility experts, giving you an accurate analysis of your fertility levels. We use WHO-benchmark methodologies, ensuring that the results you receive are of the highest standard, but at a fraction of the typical cost.


Comprehensive Results With 9+ Parameters

Fertility is multifaceted and understanding it requires a holistic approach. With Sapyen, you're not just getting a cursory glance. Our report delves deep into 9 vital parameters, ensuring you get a complete and well-rounded view of your fertility health. Every parameter is crucial in its own right, and our comprehensive coverage ensures you're well-informed and empowered to make the best decisions for your future.


Easy, At-Home Test

Experience unparalleled convenience and privacy with Sapyen. Avoid the uneasiness of clinical settings and the potential awkwardness of in-person samples. With our kit, you can carry out the test in the familiar surroundings of your home, ensuring you're at ease and in control throughout the process.


Fast 72-Hour Results

Why spend weeks or even months going through a clinic when you can get a comprehensive breakdown of your fertility within just 72 hours?

With Sapyen, once you've sent in your sample, you can expect to receive your comprehensive fertility report within just 72 hours. We understand the importance of time, especially when it comes to fertility, so we prioritise promptness without compromising accuracy.


Tailored Recommendations

Understanding your fertility is just the start. What truly sets Sapyen apart is the actionable, personalised insights we provide based on your results. Our team of experts evaluates every detail to furnish you with tailored recommendations, enhancing your chances of pregnancy and guiding you towards optimal fertility health.


40% Cheaper Than Other Methods

Quality doesn't always have to come at a premium price. Sapyen fertility tests are, on average, 40% cheaper than those delivered through pathology and IVF centres – and provide a more detailed analysis!


Industry-Leading Fertility Analysis From Home. 9 Parameters Reported.