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A Sapyen semen analysis is a thorough and extensive evaluation of your sperm, providing you with a detailed understanding of your reproductive health. Our analysis is conducted in partnership with leading NATA-accredited labs, ensuring the highest level of quality and precision. The key factors assessed in a Sapyen semen analysis include:

  • Volume: This measures the amount of semen produced in a single ejaculation. Adequate volume is important to ensure sperm can be carried through the female reproductive tract to fertilise an egg.
  • Count: This reflects the total number of sperm present in the sample. A higher sperm count increases the likelihood of fertilisation, as there are more sperm available to reach the egg.
  • Concentration: This evaluates the number of sperm per millilitre of semen. Sufficient concentration is vital for increasing the chances of successful fertilisation.
  • Motility: This examines the percentage of sperm that are actively moving and their ability to swim forward. Good motility is crucial for sperm to navigate the female reproductive system and reach the egg.
  • Morphology: This assesses the shape and structure of the sperm, determining the proportion of sperm with normal appearance. Healthy morphology is important because abnormally shaped sperm may struggle to penetrate the egg.
  • pH: This measures the acidity or alkalinity of the semen, which can impact sperm function and overall fertility. A balanced pH is essential for maintaining sperm health and function, as extremes in pH can negatively affect sperm motility and viability.

With a Sapyen semen analysis, you receive a comprehensive report that not only provides an in-depth assessment of these key factors but also offers personalised recommendations to enhance your sperm quality and overall reproductive health. Our recommendations are tailored to your unique situation and lifestyle, providing valuable insights and guidance to support your journey to parenthood.

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Vasectomy Test - Sapyen
Post-Vasectomy Test
Post-Vasectomy Test
Post-Vasectomy Test
  • Vasectomy Test - Sapyen
Vasectomy Test - Sapyen

With Sapyen, Quality Fertility Care Is Within Reach, Not Out of Budget.

Clinic-Based Test
Approved By Clinicians
No Lab Visit
All-Inclusive Cost
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Frequently Asked Questions.


How Accurate Is A Sapyen Fertility Test?

Sapyen works with leading CLIA-certified labs to analyse factors assessed in traditional fertility clinics, such as volume, count, concentration, motility, and morphology. Our quality standards include:

  • Processing sperm samples in CLIA-accredited national labs
  • Employing well-established, reliable sperm analysis methods
  • Developing reports through a robust process by a team of medical experts
  • Basing personalised reports on scientifically sound research and World Health Organisation guidelines

Sapyen partners with top international IVF and fertility centres and shares CLIA-accredited labs with many healthcare providers. Our lab specialists are trained in semen sample evaluation and identifying abnormalities.


How Long Does It Take For Me To Get My Results?

Once a sample is collected and shipped back to our laboratory, it can take a maximum of 3 business days to receive your results. It's quick and easy.


Will My Healthcare Provider Accept Results From Sapyen?

Yes, most likely. Sapyen services patients internationally and partners with leading international IVF and fertility centres and works with the same CLIA-certified labs used by major healthcare providers. As a result, Sapyen test results are typically accepted by healthcare providers across the world.

If required, we can also send your results to your Healthcare Provider (Clinician) via email and/or postal mail. Ensure you specify this preference during the test kit registration process once you purchase the kit.


Is Sapyen FDA Approved?

Yes, we are FDA registered. All our testing facilities and laboratories are CLIA-certified.

Sapyen is also the only male fertility test, internationally, to have multi-market registrations for its diagnostic device.


What's Inside The Kit?

The Sapyen fertility test kit includes a sterile specimen container, a vial of transportation medium to preserve your semen sample during transit, a syringe, a gel pack for temperature control, an instruction booklet, and a return pack. The return pack contains a return express postal label and tamper-proof stickers to secure the packaging, ensuring safe and efficient shipping of your sample back to the lab.


Is My Sample Affected During Transportation?

Sapyen includes a transportation medium with every kit that, when utilised, extends the shelf life of sperm samples from 1 hour to up to 3 days.

All samples are shipped to CLIA-certified laboratories using Express Post to ensure they reach our lab within 3 days. We work with laboratory specialists trained to evaluate semen samples and identify any abnormalities in results. In our experience, unlike other products, the chances of abnormal results due to transportation are extremely rare with Sapyen.

Your count, concentration, volume, and morphology will remain unaffected during transportation. Your sample's motility will experience a mild decline during transport, but this is well within FDA and WHO limitations and resemble declines experienced by samples collected in a lab.


What Happens If I'm Not Fertile?

If your test results indicate suboptimal fertility, Sapyen provides a variety of resources to support you, including subscription medication, Telehealth consultations with fertility experts and GPs, mental health resources, and access to in-person screenings and procedures. Our partnership with experienced doctors and IVF clinics ensures a comprehensive approach to care, allowing us to cater to every stage of your reproductive health journey.


What Is The Link Between Reproductive Health And Lifestyle?

Around 90% of infertility and poor reproductive health outcomes are treatable. Many lifestyle factors such as nutrition, weight, exercise, psychological stress, environmental and occupational exposures, and others can have substantial effects on fertility.

Lifestyle factors such as cigarette smoking, illicit drug use, and alcohol and caffeine consumption can negatively influence fertility, while others such as preventative care may be beneficial.

Every Sapyen customer is issued personalised lifestyle recommendations on how to improve their results.


Who Is Sapyen For?

Sapyen is an at-home male fertility test built is for biological men who have a desire to gain insight into their reproductive health, or measure and understand their ability to conceive. Whether you’re currently trying for a child, intend to have children in the future, or are just curious to learn more about your reproductive health, Sapyen is the easiest, and most accurate and cost-effective way to get information about your fertility.

We also perform post-vasectomy tests for those that have undergone a recent vasectomy.