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What Is Male Fertility And Why Do I Need A Male Fertility Test?

Male Infertility is the inability for a male to conceive a child. Reasons for this include include poor quality sperm, low sperm count or blockages in the tubes of the reproductive system. Infertility is much more common than you think, affecting around 15% of men.

1 In 6 Couples Have Difficulties Falling Pregnant

It's a startling reality that one in every six couples faces challenges in conceiving. This statistic sheds light on the prevalence of fertility issues, which are often shrouded in silence and stigma. While infertility is commonly perceived as a predominantly female issue, the truth is much more complex. Both partners play equally significant roles in conception, and therefore, understanding and addressing male fertility is crucial.

Unfortunately, most couples become aware of their fertility struggles only after an extended period of unsuccessful attempts. While women generally take early action regarding their reproductive health, men usually get tested much later (or sometimes never) despite accounting for 60% of overall fertility issues.


Long 12-18 Month Wait Times For Fertility Testing

The journey to diagnose infertility can be prolonged and frustrating, often taking 12 to 18 months just to get a referral for fertility testing. During this period, couples face uncertainty and emotional distress. This delay is exacerbated by limited access to specialists and long waiting lists.

The protracted wait time not only adds to the emotional strain but can also impact the chances of successful treatment, as age plays a significant role in fertility.


60% Of All Fertility Issues Are Attributable To Men

Contrary to common belief, men are responsible for about 60% of all fertility issues in couples. This statistic underscores the critical need to focus on male reproductive health in discussions and solutions around infertility. Factors such as sperm quality, count, and motility play a decisive role in a couple's ability to conceive.

However, male fertility issues are often overlooked or addressed much later in the process. Recognizing the importance of male factors in fertility can lead to earlier intervention, more comprehensive treatment plans, and ultimately, higher chances of conception for couples.


50% Drop In Sperm Count Over 50 Years

Recent studies have shown a staggering 50% decline in sperm counts globally over the past five decades. This dramatic decrease is more than a statistic; it's a personal concern for many men, affecting their fertility and self-perception.

Factors contributing to this decline range from lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise, to environmental exposures and stress. Sperm health checks can provide early warnings and allow for timely interventions.


A Sperm Test Is The Easiest Way To Check Your Fertility

Sperm testing is the quickest, most direct, and easiest method to assess male fertility. Unlike female fertility assessments, which often involve complex and invasive procedures like blood tests, ultrasounds, and even surgical interventions, sperm testing can be quickly and discreetly done at home.

This ease of testing for men not only reduces stress and preserves privacy but also speeds up the journey towards understanding and addressing fertility issues. In contrast, women often endure physically and emotionally taxing processes, which are also more time-consuming and expensive.

Testing Your Sperm With Sapyen Is Quick, Convenient, And Comprehensive. Seriously.


Get A Test Kit Delivered Straight To You In Discreet Packaging.

Once your order is confirmed, expect your Sapyen fertility test kit to arrive within one week. The package is designed for utmost discretion to safeguard your privacy. The test kit will enable you to assess 9 key sperm parameters, far exceeding the scope of traditional fertility tests and delivering a comprehensive understanding of your reproductive health.


Activate Your Kit And Complete A 100-Point Health Assessment

The first step after receiving your kit is to activate it through our secure online portal. This procedural step allows Sapyen to accurately link your submitted sample to your personal profile, thereby eliminating any scope for errors or mix-ups when the sample arrives at our CLIA-certified lab. Alongside kit activation, you're also asked to complete a detailed 100-point health assessment. This information allows us to fine-tune our advice and suggestions to your unique health metrics and lifestyle considerations.


Securely Send Your Sample to Our NATA-Accredited Lab

Gone are the days of inconvenient and awkward clinical visits. Our kit is designed to let you collect your sample in the privacy of your home. Then simply place the sample in the prepaid return box provided and send it back to our accredited, NATA-accredited laboratory. Our unique transportation medium maintains the sample’s viability for an extraordinary 72 hours, making accurate home testing possible.


Clinician-Reviewed Results and Recommendations in 72 Hours

Sapyen places paramount importance on timely and accurate diagnostics. Your results undergo thorough review by healthcare professionals before we send you a detailed report. This report is your roadmap, offering individualised guidance on how to improve or maintain your fertility status.


Connect 1:1 With A Clinician And Opt-In To Treatment*

Once you review your results, you'll find a comprehensive list of next steps and additional testing or treatment options. Should you wish for a deeper dive into your results or have any questions, you'll have the option to connect directly with a healthcare expert.
* Please note, however, that any consultations and prescription treatments suggested will incur additional costs not covered in your initial test fee.


Plain English Reports Written For Humans, Not Drs. We Compile Your Results Into A Simple, Easy-To-Understand Report, So You Can Get A Clear Picture Of Your Fertility, And How To Improve It.


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